"The kingdom  has arrived, the King has come for all creation


"God with us: redeemer. Our wounded healer. Resurrected Saviour, you are on the throne


GKM Music is birthed from a diverse, city-centre church with 60+ nations represented. Our Sunday worship celebrations, and in turn our original music material, is reflective of this diverse representation: a fusion of modern praise and worship blended with gospel and Caribbean elements. This music ministry has a solid foundation of Gospel-centred writing, held in tension with appropriate, diverse, yet congregational arrangements. Overall, it is a strong display of how to unify the vast elements of cultural and generational diversity.




Beyond the music, our album and our label has a greater purpose that has always been a value in our house. 
•    We equip people to worship through music 
•    We resource people with tools to worship 
•    We provide training to help smaller churches develop  worship leaders and teams.  


A percentage of the sales album sales go towards funding, these initiatives. 



When producing an album, it is easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of the project. Things like how to arrange the song, the instruments to use, the parts to play, the voices that are needed.  The list goes on and on.


But even before these songs enter the production phase, they began with real people going through everyday life - each using their unique faith journies as inspiration for lyrics and vehicles to express more relatable themes in praise and worship. 

Have a listen to some of our songwriters and how their songs came to life.



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